Many often ask "what are the duties of the sheriff's department?" The answer is often too long to describe. We are eager for the public to understand our duties and we hope this page helps.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department is comprised of several different divisions. Many of these units work in the background and are seldom seen by the general public while others are highly visible. Here is a brief description of each division.

Command Staff
The command staff is made up by the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Investigation's Supervisor, and the Patrol Supervisors. They are responsible for ensuring the department is running smoothly and personnel is available to meet the public's needs.

The patrol division is responsible for answering calls for service that are received from the public. That includes responding to accidents, thefts, burglaries, and a host of other public needs. These are the "first responders" you will most likely see.

These units also enforce traffic laws on the hundreds of miles of roadways in Pulaski County.

The patrol units are responsible for serving warrants and criminal complaints. These officers will make hundreds of arrests annually without the general public ever noticing.

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for investigating major crimes and other felony offenses. Investigators conduct follow-up work on cases turned in by patrol officers. They also investigate crimes such as: robberies, rapes, murders, crimes against children and other major crimes.

This investigative unit is also a charter member of the Pulaski County Major Crimes Task Force.  The Task Force is comprised of detectives from the Sheriff's Department, the Somerset Police Department and the Kentucky State Police that will "team up" when major crimes occur. They are also in constant contact with federal agencies such as the FBI and ATF. This concept will more than double our investigative staff when a major crime occurs in our community.

Also part of this team is a unit that investigates drug crimes in Pulaski County. These officers make undercover drug buys and conduct surveillance on suspected drug and alcohol dealers. They are responsible for one of the largest round-ups in this area with more than 100 dealers charged in a single sweep.

Accident Reconstruction Team
The accident reconstruction team responds to major vehicle crashes where a victim of the crash may have been killed or received very serious injuries and criminal charges may result from the crash. This team of investigators will documents every aspect of the crash scene and, using computer software, will reconstruct the crash for presentation in court testimony.

Civil Process
The Sheriff's Department is required by law to serve civil process. These include divorce papers, civil suits, eviction notices, property executions, and other types of court documents. Thousands of these papers are served annually.

Court Bailiffs and Courthouse Security
Under Kentucky law, the sheriff's department is responsible for providing courtroom security.  You will most likely see this in the form of a bailiff that remains in the courtroom.  However, in some cases, additional security is required and other officers will be placed throughout the courtroom to ensure safety.

The Sheriff's Office also provides security at the entrance of the Pulaski County Judicial Center. They are there to ensure the safety of all who enter the judicial complex

Tax Collection
The sheriff's department is responsible for collecting taxes on real property. This office collects the taxes and then disburses them to the proper governing body such as the Pulaski County Fiscal Court, Kentucky State Treasury and the Pulaski County Schools. This office is also responsible for the financial needs of the sheriff's department.

Clerk/Dispatch Staff
The Sheriff's Department has a 24/7 staff of dispatchers that takes calls to the sheriff's department for non-emergency calls. However, we recommend that all emergency calls be made to the Pulaski County 911 Center where the call will be routed to the proper emergency responders including the Sheriff's Department.


Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
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