In Memory of - Sheriff Sam Catron 
1953 - 2002

Call Sam

Forty-eight years ago, a man and his wife
asked the Lord to bless their life.
Because they asked, it was done.
He gave them a healthy, beautiful son,
called Sam

A public servant,
like his father he became.
But he wanted to be more
than just a sheriff by name,
called Sam

He was a man of few words
but he walked straight and tall.
No matter when or where he was needed,
we all knew who to call,
call Sam

When the task at hand
called for tough decisions to be made
and it required a strong man
with courage that wouldn't fade,
call Sam

He was there for all the people
quite and soft spoken.
And he believed in equality for all
when the law was broken,
call Sam

Yesterday, the angels above
asked God to send one they so loved.
A man who was gentle, meek and mild.
One they had known since he was a child.

In less than a moment
they heard Him say,
"I called Sam,
he's on his way!"

-Sharon Wooten Stevenson

On April 13, 2002, Sheriff Sam Catron was slain by a cowardly assassin who hid in the woods and, with a single shot, took the life of this great man. That shot was the loudest shot ever heard in Pulaski County and with it, came sorrow far beyond words.

Sam's life was snuffed out because he stood for what was right and just. He served his community with pride and treated each one equally. There were no "big I's and little you's" when Sam was around.  His smile and laughter brought joy to all of us.

Even in his passing, Sam has again contributed to our community by bringing us closer together and giving us the opportunity to express our love to the citizens of our county and to law enforcement everywhere.

We acknowledge that God's grace and love is so very real and that He alone can bring peace and comfort to our hearts and minds. Not that we would ever forget Sam or his contributions to our lives - but that we can find peace and understanding in the love of God.

Yes, we will miss him - but with the prayer and support of our neighbors, we can, and must, carry on. Sam would expect no less of us.

On behalf of the Catron family and the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department, Thanks! We are forever grateful.

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